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Jujube Jeonggwha

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[DaeHeung Agricultural Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Jujube Jeonggwha


  • Product Name : Saeng Saeng Jujube
  • Country of Origin : Domestically produced in Korea (Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang area)
  • Ingredients : Jujube 97%, Isomalto oligo saccharide 2%, Refined white Sugar 0.98%, Daebo Extract(atractylodes rhizome, white hoelen) 0.02%
  • Product Description : Washing raw materials and Purified water(1:3) get steaming hot. Compounding Isomalto oligo saccharide, Refined white Sugar and Daebo Extract. 24h rsugar-leaching and sterilization 10 minute in 90℃. Drying 6hr in 7 0℃ and Packing Sealing.
  • Preservation Method : After opening the package, keep it in a cool place.


We Jujube from Daeheung Co., Ltd. grew up in Gyeongsan in Korea which has abundant sunshine and excellent geographical condition and grain is thick and because of that, it has rich mineral and sugar contents. Daeheung Co., Ltd. Is a company professionally producing jujube slices by taking out seed of jujube with the same degree of care preparing food for family and making it keep unique taste and flavor of jujube.